Toothless – From How To Train Your Dragon
My daughter loves Toothless, she only watches the movie because of him! It was never my intention to ever make Toothless, but when circumstance and keeping your daughter happy….I would make a
million Toothless’s!!!
There is a Catch A Prize machine at our local grocery shop, and a couple of weeks ago, they started stocking this machine with Toothless. Now of course we as loving parents did try to catch one…but no luck.  And every time we would go to the shop my daughter would stop at this machine and look at the Toothless’s.
So once again, I did try and try…and try to catch one. But this time I got so angry, I shouted at the machine “YOU ARE STUPID!” and nearly broke my toe kicking it.
But the look of disappointment (yet again) on my daughter’s face, was too much for me. So I came home, did a search for a pattern and found Sarselgurumi’s Toothless, my husband drove me to the yarn store to get the yarn I needed (very supportive of this intuitive 🙂 )
My daughter is now very happy and loves her Little Toothless.  Making her happy made it all worthwhile, but what happened the very first time  we went to the shops again, my daughter carrying Toothless is her arms…. stopped at the machine and quite politely  held up her Toothless and said
“You are stupid!”
Now THAT really made it worthwhile!
Check out my Project Here
and get the Pattern Here!
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  1. Great! You're the best mom ever 🙂 Thanks for sharing your project and pattern, too! What Are You Doing? Blog Hop readers will love you for it!

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