Christmas Skittle Ball Game CAL Part Eight

Christmas Skittle Ball Game CAL Part Eight

PART EIGHT: How To Play!
Helps to count and learn numbers (1-6)
Helps with coordination and throwing


For Toddlers and Young Children:
  • Use as a counting mat – let each character be associated with a number: exp Santa – Number One. Let them place Santa on Number One
  • Use as a ‘dartboard’: lay play mat on the floor, let child stand a few feet away (or let them sit on their knees) and let them throw one of the character balls onto a number


For Older Children: For 2 to 6 players
  • Rule 1 – Each player chooses a character
  • Rule 2 – Place play mat on floor and decide on the distance players will stand to throw their characters onto the play mat
  • Rule 3 – Decide on how many playing turns there will be for the game: exp 4 turns each
  • Rule 4 – Keep score of each number a player lands on with each turn – only counts if a player throws on a number.
  • Rule 5 – After players have taken all their turns – add up scores – highest or lowest win (you choose!)
  • Rule 6 – Bonus – The Star can be a new number (like a bull’s-eye): exp 10 or a player gains an extra turn
Other extra ways of adding some excitement:


Each player leaves their characters on the play mat after their turn and the next player can knock off their character – giving them a penalty: exp minus 1 point
Crochet a few extra plain balls: Set up the characters onto the play mat like bowling pins and let players knock over the characters with a ball.
Numbers that are exposed are counted towards their score.


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  1. My wish and goal is to give back to all of the people who have given me so much love and support over the last bunch of years! Merry Christmas!! 🙂

  2. Author

    You are welcome! Merry Christmas 🙂

  3. Author

    I agree! So much in need of family time too =D

  4. Good luck with entries for the giveaway! Very generous of you, Joanita. xx

  5. Author

    I hope you grandson will love this set and enjoy playing with it!

  6. how fun!?!?! these Christmas Skittle ball game pieces are awesome! you are so creative and wonderful to share with us all!

  7. Brilliant. My three year old grandson will love this. I hope I can finish it for him. That's my Christmas wish, time to craft!

  8. Thanks for the lovely CAL. I am going to make it next year when my grandson will be old enough to play with it.

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