Crochet Under The Sea Playbook Fishhook|Creative Crochet Workshop


Easy: Basic stitches
-Scraps of double knitting/light worsted yarn in GREEN OR ANY COLOR!
Hooks & Notions: 
-Size 3.50 mm Hook
-Yarn Needle
-Thread and Needle
-1 x small button
-2 pipe-cleaners (approx 15 cm in length)
I use US Crochet stitch terminology


Step 1: Twist the two pipe-cleaners together to make one


Step 2: Starting on the right hand side (Tip: fold the edge over so that your first few stitches will not slip off) – SC over the pipe-cleaners – use photos as guide.


Step 3: Make approx 10 SC – 15 SC, fold over the tip as shown in photo


Step 4: Insert hook into the second SC from the tip; yarn over and pull through all loops (slip stitch) – ‘button hole‘ made


Step 5: Continue work SC over the pipe-cleaners until the end (leave about 1 cm of pipe-cleaner; fold it over


Step 6: Insert hook into the fifth ST from the edge; yarn over (make sure your yarn is behind the pipe-cleaner, work 1 SC.
Continue to work 1 SC into each SC until you reach the ‘button hole
SL ST; fasten off and weave in ends.


Step 7: Sew on button where you would like to ‘hang up’ your fishnet!


Remove net when playing and hang up when done 🙂
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