Corner To Corner Blanket Crochet Challenge (C2C)

This corner to corner blanket crochet challenge is perfect because I have never done one before!
As a crochet designer I love to learn new skills, techniques and stitches. I am always looking for new ways to challenge myself.

I found out about the Ideal Me 30 Day Crochet Challenge and I knew a lot of you would love to try this too!

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Brittany over at Ideal Me is hosting a month long online crochet along challenge where you can learn to make this Corner To Corner (C2C) blanket!

Corner To Corner Blanket Crochet Challenge - pattern layout |Corner To Corner Blanket Crochet Challenge color layout

C2C means corner to corner. Each part of the blanket is crocheted in smaller individual squares before they’re all joined together to become one big, beautiful blanket.

The reason why this is so appealing to me is that it’s part class, part challenge, and part community.
It is much more fun to do something while you are sharing it with other who are also doing it!
Sharing and supporting is a HUGE DEAL in any community.

Who would like to join me?

When you sign up you’ll get access to:

Please note: this is a monthly subscription of $19 (which can be canceled anytime!) – A Real value for money for what you are getting!

1. A Pattern and Step-by-Step Tutorial—Professional filmed tutorial video and downloadable pattern for the C2C blanket

2. An Expert Crochet Instructor—Your Instructor Will Be There To Answer Questions And Help You If You Get Stuck. This is so helpful because you’ll get access to the instructor all month long!

3. The Ideal Me Crochet Community—this is one of my favorite parts because you can interact with fellow crochet-aholics to get advice, share project progress, and meet fellow craft lovers

4. The Essential Crochet Skills Video Library— You get lifetime access to this library of crochet skills. It has everything from beginner skills like chaining on & how to keep even tension to learning specific stitches so you can reference them whenever you need.

Plus, by joining the challenge you will also have the option to save a lot of money on yarn & tools by using the coupon codes and exclusive discounts available to the crochet challenge members only. (Cool!)

And wait there is more!! Prizes!!

I LOVE prizes! And this challenge offers a whole slew of great crochet prizes, from luxury yarn to full crochet kits. Plus, you’ll be entered to win a prize just by signing up.


This is such a fun way to make something!. And it’s perfect for any level of crochet. The pattern for the project is downloadable, so you can follow along and crochet at your own pace.

Plus, the video is step-by-step so every part is broken down easily.

Go faster or go slower. It doesn’t matter because you get lifetime access to the whole thing.

A fun project that starts on June 4th!

Sign up to join the C2C blanket Crochet Challenge here. 

Check out my yarn color combo I am going to use!
Corner To Corner Blanket Crochet Challenge | My yarn color combo | Creative Crochet Workshop

I hope to see you there!


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  1. Hi Joanie, I have already signed up so I’m very excited to see that you will be participating. I am having trouble figuring out what colors I should use. 😩😩

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