Three Color Multi-Use Purse


Basic stitches, simple shaping and finishing. Pattern is easy to work and grows quickly.
22cm in width and 12cm in length
Double knitting/light worsted yarn
Small amounts of double knitting/light worsted yarn, in 3 colors -pink, green, blue
Hooks & Notions:
Size 3.50mm Hook
Size 3.00mm Hook
Yarn Needle
Stitch Marker
22sts x 30 rows = 8 x 8cm

Tension/Gauge is not necessary for this project to be perfect

I use US Crochet stitch terminology


With 3,50mm hook and with first color: CH 64
When changing color between rows, work the last part of the SC with the new color and carry the yarns not in use up the side of  work until they are required again.
Row 1: 2DC into 4th CH from hook, *miss 3CH, 1 SC into next CH, 3CH, 1DC into each of next 3CH. Repeat from * to last 4CH, miss 3CH 1 SC into last CH, turn
Row 2: 3CH (counts as 1DC), 2 DC into first SC, *miss 3 DC, 1SC into 3CH space, 3CH, 1 DC into 3CH space, 1DC into next SC. Repeat from * missing last 2DC and working 1SC into top of turning CH, turn
Repeat 2nd Row throughout to form pattern and until work measures approximately 30cm in length. FO  and weave in ends.
Slip On Band/Strap: 
With 3.00mm hook and with first color: CH 6
Row 1: 1SC in 2nd CH from hook, 1 SC in next 4CH, turn
Row 2: 1CH, 1 SC in each SC, turn (5 SC)
Repeat 2nd Row until work measures approximately 26cm in length. FO and weave in ends.
Sew the two ends together. SL ST loosely with second color all around one side, then SL ST loosely with third color on other side. Weave in ends.
With 3.00mm hook and with first color: CH 2
Rnd 1: Work 6 SC into second CH from hook, continue working in the round, if required use a stitch marker.
Rnd 2:  Work 2 SC into each SC (12 SC)
Rnd 3: *Work 2 SC into next SC, 1 SC into next SC. Repeat from * until end (18 SC)
Change to second color:
Rnd 4: *Work a SL and 1 HDC into next SC,  2 DC into next SC, 1 HDC and a SL into next SC. Repeat from * 5 times more (6 Petals made). FO
With third color SL ST around just beneath the petals on the inside. FO and weave in ends
Sew flower onto strap. Weave in ends.
Fold purse as shown in photo
The top should fold over easily
With a small length of yarn loosely stitch
the bottom flap together with the back piece with a
running stitch. This will be pulled out later again.
Holding the purse with the back facing towards you
And with one of the color yarns and the 3,50mm hook,
work SC along the edge, working the bottom flap and
back together.
Continue along the top flap and down the other side.
FO and weave in ends.
With one of the color yarns and 3,50mm hook,
work SL ST loosely across the top row of the inside flap.
FO and weave in any loose ends.
Slide strap/band with flower over purse.
Other possibilities:
Line with fabric and/or add snaps/buttons
Can be modified to use as a
Clutch purse or Pencil Holder
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I have been a crochet designer for more than 10 years. I love to think outside the box and to try and do things a bit differently. I love to learn new techniques and to challenge myself. I firmly believe that crochet should fun and evoke joy and pleasure. Creating and designing is one of my life's passions.

“Crochet is an art and crocheters it’s artists. Each crafted item is unique and own to its crafter”

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