Groovyghan Blanket

The Baby Groovyghan Cal From Zooty Owl
This was a 9 week CAL and most definitely worth the effort 🙂 I loved it simply for the variety in stitches and methods used to create this Groovyghan. Each part is written and explained well with beautiful photos. My blanket is twice the size due to my yarn and hook size choice. There are some slight differences due to my color layout and sometimes yarn shortage ;P. I could not complete the border exactly the way it is in the CAL due to yarn shortage, my border is a few rounds shorter and ends with a single round of single crochet. But Zelna’s border is gorgeous and is a definite to do on my next groovyghan blanket:)
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  1. So excited with all that you offer. Not a kitchen person so ignored the 'baking section' lol!! When I saw on your Ravelry page that they are all crocheted! Look so real. Not ignoring that section again. Thank you

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