Flower Crochet Square Bag

 Flower Crochet Square Bag | Creative Crochet Workshop
 Great for using leftover yarn from other projects,
and then storing new projects in.
Flower Square can be found here!
A show and tell  in as to how I made this bag
can be found at the end of this post.
I have so many leftover yarn from various projects that are not only taking up space but are annoying me too. I found this great flower square at Color’n Cream that just seemed to be perfect for using some of the yarn. I ended up with 15 squares which I crocheted together, I added a Granny Stripe border and for awhile it got shelved because I did not quite know what to do with it….because of the colors it did not really fit in anywhere 😛 Then with some newly bought yarn and a new project on the horizon, I needed storage. Voila…one craft bag quickly whipped up 🙂

Skill Level:

Projects using yarn with basic stitches, repetitive stitch patterns, simple color changes, and simple shaping and finishing


Elle Family Knit DK or any yarn of choice!


  • Leftover Double Knit (8ply)yarn
  • Size 4.00mm
  • Yarn Needle

Note: Due to the nature of this pattern – the yarn and hook used is only a suggestion and any substitute may be used.

Size of finished product will vary depending on yarn and size of hook used.

Size:  Finished bag measures approx. 30cm x 30cm worked with a 4.00mm hook and double knitting/light worsted yarn

Note: This is NOT a pattern, it is a photo show and tell of what I did to make this project!
For Step 2: Start in a corner of one of the flower squares:
CH 3 (counts as a DC); work 2 DC into same corner; CH 2; work 3 DC into same corner; *SKIP 3 DC of flower square and work 3 DC into the next space; continue until you reach the next outside corner of your large rectangle – work [3DC; 2 CH; 3 DC] into the corner** – continue working in the round repeating the instructions from * to **


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“Crochet is an art and crocheters it’s artists. Each crafted item is unique and own to its crafter”

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