Christmas Skittle Ball Game CAL Part One

PART ONE: The Squares
Make 9: (3 of each color – 3 x green, 3 x white, 3 x red)
Rnd 1: With yarn and 4.00 mm hook. CH4. Work 11DC in 4th CH from hook. (12 DC) – first 3CH counts as DC. SL ST in 3rd of 3CH
Rnd 2: 3CH (counts as DC), work 1DC in same ST, *work 2 DC in next ST. Repeat from * until end, SL ST in 3rd of 3CH  (24 DC)
Rnd 3: 3CH (counts as DC), work 2DC in next ST. *Work 1DC in next ST, work 2DC in next ST. Repeat from * until end, SL ST in 3rd of 3CH (36 DC)
Rnd 4: 3CH (counts as DC), work 1DC in next ST, work 2DC in next ST. *Work 1DC in next 2 STS, work 2DC in next ST. Repeat from * until end, SL ST in 3rd of 3CH(48 DC). FO and weave in ends.


(2 x green, 2 x red, 2 x white, 2 x blue)
Rnd 5: Attach new yarn with a SL ST into 3rd of 3CH, CH1, 1 SC in same ST, 1 SC in next ST, *1 HDC in next 2 STS, 1DC in next 2 STS, 2 TR in next ST, CH3, 2 TR in same ST (corner made), 1 DC in next 2 STS, 1 HDC in next 2 STS, 1 SC in next 3 STS. Repeat around from * until last ST,  1 SC, SL ST into 1CH. FO and weave in ends.



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I have been a crochet designer for more than 10 years. I love to think outside the box and to try and do things a bit differently. I love to learn new techniques and to challenge myself. I firmly believe that crochet should fun and evoke joy and pleasure. Creating and designing is one of my life's passions.

“Crochet is an art and crocheters it’s artists. Each crafted item is unique and own to its crafter”

Happy Crocheting Joanita Theron


  1. Author

    Hi 🙂 Yes there are rules and a certain way to play! I will be posting a printable sheet with the final part of this CAL =D

  2. Good morning, are there rules and game play for this?

  3. Author

    I know how it feels to have wips all around 🙂 Plus I have designs and plans in progress for next year! You could try to cushion your hooking arm to relieve the pressure when you crochet. I can sit very funny sometimes when I crochet..and then my arm gets extremely tired, I have this bolster (round tubular) cushion I place under my arm to rest on 🙂 I hope you will get the change to try this project =D

  4. Hope to start this later today….want to be closer to finishing one other project first…I have a few WIPs – if I get tired of working on one, I put it down and pick up another…
    Now, my right arm starts aching after I've been crocheting for a half hour or more…What the heck? My body won't let me get the housework done (severe back injury, causing much pain and very restricted physical work.) If my arm won't let me crochet, I WILL go nuts!
    I WILL do this and can't wait to finish – I know my grands will love it! The whole family gets together for Christmas (scattered from East Coast to California (where I live), so when we get together its' AWESOME for
    "Mom Mom"! Can't wait – except I have so many projects to complete and others to start!

  5. Author

    Hi Mariella 🙂 Using acrylic yarn is actually perfect for this kind of project! It is sturdy and durable and washable 🙂 Enjoy the project!

  6. Hi there Joanita. I like this project coz I'm interested in games I can play with my grandchildren–five of them living nearby. I'm Mariella Alquiza, 73 years old, retired, & from the Philippines.
    I would like to go along with your workshop. Is it alright to use acrylic? Thanks for your kindness giving your pattern freely as well as your lessons.

  7. Author

    Hi Marie 🙂
    The characters are the balls! This is a very fun game I will be posting instructions on how the game is played with the final part! Thank you 🙂

  8. Seems to be a great project! Is there even a ball and how is it played? Thanks for the CAL :), Marie

  9. Thank you so much for this CAL. My niece is going to love this 🙂

  10. Thank you so much for this CAL I'm going to love making this for my niece

  11. Love your CAL's. Sort of homebound and am using my yarn stash, keeps me creative with what colors to use. My grandkids love keeping up with what I am working on presently. Thanks for your free projects.

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