Crochet Under The Sea Playbook Fishhook|Creative Crochet Workshop
Easy: Basic stitches
-Scraps of double knitting/light worsted yarn in GREEN OR ANY COLOR!
Hooks & Notions: 
-Size 3.50 mm Hook
-Yarn Needle
-Thread and Needle
-1 x small button
-2 pipe-cleaners (approx 15 cm in length)
I use US Crochet stitch terminology


Step 1: Twist the two pipe-cleaners together to make one


Step 2: Starting on the right hand side (Tip: fold the edge over so that your first few stitches will not slip off) – SC over the pipe-cleaners – use photos as guide.


Step 3: Make approx 10 SC – 15 SC, fold over the tip as shown in photo


Step 4: Insert hook into the second SC from the tip; yarn over and pull through all loops (slip stitch) – ‘button hole‘ made


Step 5: Continue work SC over the pipe-cleaners until the end (leave about 1 cm of pipe-cleaner; fold it over


Step 6: Insert hook into the fifth ST from the edge; yarn over (make sure your yarn is behind the pipe-cleaner, work 1 SC.
Continue to work 1 SC into each SC until you reach the ‘button hole
SL ST; fasten off and weave in ends.


Step 7: Sew on button where you would like to ‘hang up’ your fishnet!


Remove net when playing and hang up when done 🙂
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I have been a crochet designer for more than 10 years. I love to think outside the box and to try and do things a bit differently. I love to learn new techniques and to challenge myself. I firmly believe that crochet should fun and evoke joy and pleasure. Creating and designing is one of my life's passions.

“Crochet is an art and crocheters it’s artists. Each crafted item is unique and own to its crafter”

Happy Crocheting Joanita Theron

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