FALL SHAWL MCAL 2016 – Part Six The Edging

Fall Shawl MCAL 2016 – Free Crochet Pattern

This Fall Shawl MCAL is a collaboration between
American Crochet & The Lavender Chair.

I am excited to be the surprise guest designer and to finally bring you
the final part of this lovely crochet along!

The CAL began on October 3, 2016

For more information and also the links to each part of the shawl please
visit this page >> Introductory Post <<.


Basic stitches, simple shaping and finishing.

For the requirements please visit the main introductory post – Thank you!

CH – chain
SL ST – slip stitch
SC – single crochet
HDC – half double crochet
DC – double crochet
TR – treble crochet
PICOT – CH 3; work a SL ST into the 3rd CH from hook.

I use US Crochet stitch terminology.

Sizing: The final stitch count of part five is 272 which is also a multiple of 4
If you would like your shawl to be longer – like I did with mine (because of my hook and yarn choice) – I repeated Part 5 two times more.which gave me a final ST count of 320 which is a multiple of 4.


Insert new yarn into first ST on the RIGHT side of the Shawl (in other words the right side of the shawl is facing towards you)


Pattern is worked over 4 STS.

Work [1 SC; 1 HDC] into first ST, then work [1 DC,1 TR, PICOT] into next ST;
then work [1 TR, 1 DC} into next ST; then work [1 HDC, 1 SC; SL ST] into next ST.

*Work [1 SL ST, 1 SC, 1 HDC] into first ST,  then work [1 DC, 1 TR, PICOT] into next ST;
then work [1 TR, 1 DC} into next ST; then work [1 HDC, 1 SC, SL ST] into next ST **
Repeat from * to ** until point ( 2 CH space); work [1 SC, 1 HDC, 1 DC, 1 TR, PICOT, 1 TR, 1 DC, 1 HDC, 1 SC] into the 2 CH space.
Repeat again from * to ** until end of row.


Continue along the top edge of the shawl and then work SC STS along evenly until the end and then SL ST into first SC of the EDGING. Fasten off and weave in ends.


Fall Shawl MCAL 2016 | Free Crochet Pattern | Creative Crochet Workshop

ccw-fallshawl-005ccw-fallshawl-006 ccw-fallshawl-007ccw-fallshawl-008

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