Dropped Spirit Knit Scarf – Free Knitting Pattern

This Dropped Spirit Knit scarf is made with the ‘drop stitch’ and
the lovely Turtle Scheepjes Spirit Yarn!

Dropped Spirit Knit Scarf | Free Knitting Pattern | Creative Crochet Workshop

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Intermediate Project
Basic stitches, simple shaping and finishing.

Scheepjes Spirit – Turtle (308)

Fiber Content: 56% Cotton x 46% Acrylic
Width Needle size 2: 4 mm
Weight Ball weight: 50 gram
Length Length: 210 meter

NOTE: I used half a ball for this scarf – because I made it for my daughter! (approx 25 grams)

Needles & Notions:
Needles  4.00 mm
Yarn needle

K – knit

Due to the nature of this pattern – the yarn and needles used is only a suggestion and any substitute may be used.
Size of finished product will vary depending on yarn and also size of needles used.

Size: approx  120 cm in length

 Daughter wearing Dropped Spirit Knit Scarf | Free Knitting Pattern | Creative Crochet Workshop


Cast On 21 STS (or as many as you like!)

ROW 1: K to end

ROW 2: K to end; winding  the yarn TWICE around the needle for EVERY ST.

ROW 3: K to end; DROPPING the EXTRA loop with each ST.

These 3 rows form the ‘drop-stitch’ pattern

Repeat for required length.

Cast off.

Row 1 – The cast-on stitches should be loose but even;
Row 2 – Wrap the yarn twice around the right-hand needle each time you make a knit stitch, this will give you a row of double loops for each stitch!;
Row 3 – Knit the ‘first loop; and then drop the ‘second loop’. This forms the openwork part of the pattern.

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