Cluster Striped Baby Blanket – Free Crochet Pattern

This Cluster Striped Baby Blanket is fun to make in an assortment of colors!
The perfect gift or project to donate for charity.

Designed for the American Crochet – Crafting A Rainbow Of Hope 

Cluster Striped Baby Blanket - Free Crochet Pattern | Creative Crochet Workshop
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Basic stitches, simple shaping and finishing.

Approx 50 grams of light weight worsted yarn in 4 colors:
I used Elle Pullskein – Watermelon; Fig; Olive Green; Green and Yellow

Hooks & Notions:
Hook 4.50 mm (clover)
Yarn needle

CH – chain
SC – single crochet
HDC – half double crochet
DC – double crochet

Special Stitches:
2DC- Cluster –
A 2DC-Cluster is two unfinished DC worked into same space (or same stitch), then finished together.
1. Yarn over, insert hook into stitch, pull yarn thru the stitch, yarn over, pull thru 2 loops on the hook. You now have 2 loops on the hook left.

2. Yarn over, insert hook in same stitch, pull yarn thru the stitch, yarn over, pull thru 2 loops on hook. You now have 3 loops on the hook.

3. Yarn over, pull loop thru all 3 loops on hook.


CH 43

NOTES: To make smaller or larger chain a number – so that your final stitch count is an uneven number!
I changed color for every row.

ROW 1: Work 1 DC into 4th CH from hook; *work 2DC-Cluster into next CH; work 1 DC into next CH.
Repeat from * until end.
ROW 2: CH 1; work 1 SC into each ST until end (41 SC)
ROW 3: CH 3 (counts as 1 DC); *work 2 DC-Cluster into next ST; work 1 DC into next ST.
Repeat from * until end.

Repeat ROW 2 & ROW 3 for the pattern and/or required length is reached.

My Preemie Blanket is 15 inches wide and just 12 inches tall .

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