Cute Doll Friends – Pattern Finds Round Up

8 Cute Doll Friends Pattern Finds Round Up | Crissy's Doll Boutique @crissysdollboutique

Cute Doll Friends – Pattern Finds Round Up


Cute Doll Friends

8 Cute Doll Friends to make and to love!
From a ballerina, fashion icon, cowboy and even a caveman! A Little bit of everything for everyone.

8 Cute Doll Friends Pattern Finds Round Up | Crissy's Doll Boutique @crissysdollboutique

 1. Simply Ami Small Wardrobe by By Hook, By Hand Blog
Be sure to check out the rest of the wardrobe and how to make this awesome dolls!

2. Weebee Doll – Hoodie by Laura Tegg
The cutest doll ever! Check out Laura’s Ravelry store for a whole wardrobe and friends!

3. Clothes Set for Little Me Playset by One and Two Company
Any little girl would adore this little play friend!

4. Ballerina Outfit – my little crochet doll by Betty Virago
The perfect friend for a ballerina princess!

5. Fashionista Farrah Doll by Michele Wilcox
Got a little fashion icon? Then Fashionista Farrah is the perfect shopping partner!

6. Caveman Gonk by Hooked On Patterns – A Gonk’s Journey
Gonk is such a fun character! Ling Ryan has created an amazing story, plus you
need to check out Gonk’s entire wardrobe!

7. Cowboy Outfit – My Little Crochet Doll by Betty Virago
Something for the boys!

8. Eva Casual Wear by Neogurumi’s Ravelry Store
Casual wear for Jessica Doering’s Eva Doll – be sure to grab her too (She’s For Free!)

A showcase of patterns (NOT MINE) that either follow a theme
or is in the same category (basically patterns and items I like!!)
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