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Jessica Doll Crochet Along- Introduction | Crissy's Doll Boutique @crissysdollboutique #jessicadollcrochetalong

Jessica Doll Part Four

This is the Jessica Doll Part Four of a crochet along of an amigurumi doll that you will be able to transform into a lovely keepsake or gift for someone special.

Jessica Doll Part Four | Crissy's Doll Boutique @crissysdollboutique #jessicadollcrochetalong


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Skill Level: ♥♥ – Easy
Basic stitches, simple shaping and finishing. Concentration required for neat finishing.

100 gr Double knitting / medium worsted (No 4) yarn
OR Double knitting / light worsted (No 3) yarn
Yarn needle

Hooks & Notions:
Fiberfill/Toy Stuffing
Size 4.00 mm Hook
OR Size 3.50 mm Hook
Yarn Needle
Stitch Marker

Tension/Gauge is not necessary for this project to be perfect BUT your

CH – chain
SL ST – slip stitch
SC – single crochet
I use US Crochet stitch terminology.

Due to the nature of this pattern – the yarn and hook used is only a suggestion and any substitute may be used.

If you are new to amigurumi or just need to refresh check out these awesome sites for great tips!



How To Create The Facial Features:

The Nose:

With a yarn needle and the same yarn as your doll – insert from the ‘back’ of the head
to the center front of where you would like the nose.

Make a knot and secure your yarn; then inserting from right to left underneath
approx 3 STS; pull yarn thru

Careful NOT to pull your stuffing and expose it like in the photo above;
again insert yarn from right to left; slowly working slightly upwards to sculpt the nose.
First few stitches is underneath and over 3 SC of face;
next is underneath and over 2 SC; then 1 SC.

When you are satisfied; weave yarn out towards the side of the head; knot and
weave several times thru head to secure. Cut off any end tails.

The Eyes:

My yarn – Fingering (14 wpi) – 4 ply – although I think embroidery thread would have been better.
My Hook – 2,00 mm
I followed the video instructions below from Hodgepodge to make my eyes 🙂
They seem to be a bit large for the face that is why I do think embroidery thread would have been more suitable – however – my daughter disagrees and loves the eyes.

Attaching The Eyes:

Using the same method as for the nose – insert the yarn with yarn needle into the position
of the first eye and make a knot to secure your yarn; then using the most outer loops of
the eye (these will be the ones closest to the face) sew the eye into position.
Repeat for the second eye.
When you are satisfied; weave yarn out towards the side of the head; knot and
weave several times thru head to secure. Cut off any end tails.

This video:

The Mouth:

I used some pink embroidery thread to create my mouth by simply weaving a few
straight stitches into position.

How To Create The Hair:

There are many ways available online and in books how to create hair for amigurumi dolls.
This is simply the way I do it and is completely optional 🙂
My method is starting at a round approx 5/6 th round from center of head and knotting strands of hair into place. This is an extremely long and tedious job. But I think well worth it in the end.

Cut a LOT of strands depending on the length you require. Mine is approx 40 cm in length when NOT folded in half. Insert your hook (I used 3, 00 mm) underneath the stitch (sc);

Depending on the thickness of your hair yarn use one strand or two (I used two for this tutorial);
pull thru a loop;

Then wrap your yarns around your hook and pull thru the loop you have just created.
Pull tightly to created a ‘knot’. Repeat instructions continuing to work in the round;
until you reach the center of the head.

Cut and trim your hair; style.

Jessica Doll Part Four | Crissy's Doll Boutique @crissysdollboutique #jessicadollcrochetalong

Jessica Doll Part Four | Crissy's Doll Boutique @crissysdollboutique #jessicadollcrochetalong


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