Smoother Edges For A Square – Working Borders Made Easy!

This Smoother Edges for a square tutorial and pattern in part of the New Year, New Skill Crochet-A-Long. If you’re just now learning about this fun event, head on over to Underground Crafter to see what skills you missed in the first half of the event, or visit the CAL Central Facebook group.

Smoother Edges For A Square - Working Borders Made Easy!| Creative Crochet Workshop | New Year New Skill Crochet Along #CALCentral

SKILL: Beginner / Easy
Basic stitches, simple shaping and finishing.
Concentration required.

Yarn: Weight – DK (11 wpi) 3 : Light – I used cotton yarn
Color – 2 colors approx 25/30-gram each

Hook: 4,00 mm

Size:  approx. 6 inches

Tension/Gauge is not necessary for this project to be perfect

I use US Crochet stitch terminology

CH – chain
SL ST – slip stitch
SC – single crochet

Gauge is NOT important for this project.
This is an excellent practice project.
Too make a facecloth – complete the instructions in the brackets ()

Smoother Edges For A Square - Working Borders Made Easy!| Creative Crochet Workshop | New Year New Skill Crochet Along #CALCentral


Begin with a starting tail of 10/15 cm and make 21 (45) chain stitches

Row 1: Work 1 Single Crochet into the 2nd chain stitch from your crochet needle and into EACH chain stitch until the end of the row.

You will have only 20 (44) crochet chain stitches. The first chain stitch you skipped is your FIRST turn chain.

Work 1 Chain Stitch – then turn your work clockwise!

Row 2: Work 1 single crochet into the 1st stitch and in every stitch until the end of the row.
Chain 1; TURN

Again you will have only 20 (44) single crochet stitches.
You do NOT count your turning chains.
Repeat Row 2 until you have 23 rows.
Fasten off your yarn and leave a 10/15 cm yarn tail.
Use a yarn needle to work away your yarn tails.

How to make the Smoother Edging:

This is a great technique to work Border Edgings on coasters; wash/dish clothes
and blankets when they have been worked in rows!

Start in any corner ST – SL ST (slip stitch) into each ST all around and into each Row down the sides.
If you have worked the Coaster = 20 STS on top and bottom row and 23 STS on each side.
TIP: To make working the corners more easily CH 2 when going around a corner.

SL ST into the first SL ST;
work the instructions for your Border Edgings in the ‘back loop’ of the SL ST.

For example: for this coaster I have worked
Round 1: 1 SC into each BLP of each SL ST all around; and into the corner 2 CH [ 1 SC; 1 CH; 1 SC];
then I joined with a SL ST to the first SC I worked;
Round 2: Ch 3 (counts as 1 DC); I worked 1 DC into each SC all around – with the exception of the corner SC – I worked 2 DC into the first SC; CH 2; 2 DC into the next corner SC;
then I joined with a SL ST to the 3rd of the 3 CH.
Edging: CH; work 1 SC into first DC;
*CH 3; work 1 SC into next 2 DC. Repeat all around – even into the corner CH spaces.
Fasten off and weave in ends.

#CALCentral 2018 New Year New Skill Crochet Along

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