Cute Kitty Soap Saver - Free Knitting Pattern | Creative Crochet Workshop #KALCorner #lionbrand #lionbrandyarn
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Cute Kitty Soap Saver – Free Knitting Pattern

This Cute Kitty Soap Saver is part of the Finishing Touches Knit Along.
Super easy to make and just perfect for gift giving.

Cute Kitty Soap Saver - Free Knitting Pattern | Creative Crochet Workshop #KALCorner #lionbrand #lionbrandyarn
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How the Finishing Touches KAL Works

I’ve teamed up with Marie from Underground Crafter, Pia from Stitches ‘N’ Scraps and several other knitting designers to bring you 24 free knitting patterns for the perfect finishing touch!

Every other Thursday from January 3 through November 21, 2019, we’ll share a free knitting pattern. Lion Brand has generously provided us with yarn for this KAL, so all of the patterns will be made with Lion Brand yarn.

To keep things interesting, every quarter we’ll have a new theme and a new set of giveaway prizes. We’re kicking off the year with perfect finishing touches to wear around your neck, and great prizes from Lion Brand, Louet, and Search Press!

Cute Kitty Soap Saver - Free Knitting Pattern | Creative Crochet Workshop #KALCorner #lionbrand #lionbrandyarn

Easy – perfect for beginners!!
Basic stitches, simple shaping and finishing.

Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton approx 20 g of color of your choice

Made with Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton, 100% mercerised cotton.

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Needles & Notions:
Needles – 4, 00 mm (US 6)
Yarn needle
Ribbon (optional) – approx 15 cm/ 20 cm in length

K – knit
P – purl
SL – slip

Size: approx 15 cm in length – 6 inches


Due to the nature of this pattern – the yarn and needles used is only a suggestion and any substitute may be used. Size of finished product will vary depending on yarn and also size of needles used.


Cast on 30/40 STS – depending on tension and soap size – I casted on 30 STS and it fits a medium sized soap (approx 10 cm/ 4 inches)

  • ROW 1: K until end.
  • ROW 2: P until end.
  • Repeat Row 1 & 2 for pattern – Stocking Stitch – until piece is approx 15 cm / 6 inches in length,
  • Last ROW: Cast off – leave a long tail for sewing.

Creating your kitty:

  • Fold over and sew top together (head)
  • Sew the side together (body) – leave bottom open – this is where the soap will be inserted.
  • Weave tail back up for neck – approx 5 cm/ 2 inches for top – weave tail across and pull slightly (pucker) to create neck.
  • Weave tail up towards the head and weave (pucker) at each end for ears.
  • Fasten off – weave tail away.
  • Weave Ribbon thru stitches along the bottom opening.
  • Optional – I crocheted a loop at the top of the head so that it could be hang up – approx 10/15 chain.

Now of course this little kitty can be customized anyway you like – since this was made for my daughter (8) – I did NOT add any eyes, or other decorations – mainly for the reason I need the kitty just to be the cotton with the soap.
She has very sensitive skin – so I cannot add anything that might be an irritant.

Cute Kitty Soap Saver - Free Knitting Pattern | Creative Crochet Workshop #KALCorner #lionbrand #lionbrandyarn

Cute Kitty Soap Saver - Free Knitting Pattern | Creative Crochet Workshop #KALCorner #lionbrand #lionbrandyarn

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Cute Kitty Soap Saver - Free Knitting Pattern | Creative Crochet Workshop #KALCorner #lionbrand #lionbrandyarn

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