2023 Crochet A Block – Free Crochet Along

2023 Crochet A Block | Joanita Theron Designs @joanitatherondesigns #crochetsquare #freecrochetalong #crochetblanket #crochetthrow #jtdcrochetablock2023

2023 Crochet A Block – Free Crochet Along

The 2023 Crochet A Block is a Mystery Crochet Along.
Crochet a throw or afghan consisting of 25 unique squares worked in a variety of motifs and stitches.

2023 Crochet A Block | Joanita Theron Designs @joanitatherondesigns #crochetsquare #freecrochetalong #crochetblanket #crochetthrow #jtdcrochetablock2023

2023 Crochet A Block – designed by Joanita Theron

Crochet a throw or afghan consisting of 25 unique squares worked in a variety of motifs and stitches.

Difficulty Level | Skills Required

Easy to Intermediate
Basic stitches in simple variations, simple repeats, color changes, shaping and finishing.

You will need to know basic stitches like SC (single crochet) and DC (double crochet).
Special stitches explained and provided with each square.


  • Hook – 4, 00 mm (G)
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle

Vinnis Colours – DK Nikkim 100% cotton (50 grams/119 meters)
Weight – DK (11 wpi) 3: Light.

Approx 3380 grams / 3094 meters (26 balls) NB – PLEASE NOTE THIS CAN STILL CHANGE DUE TO ADJUSTMENTS – can be more due to joining and border.

It is recommended to have at least 3 balls of each colour if you are using 8 colours.

For this project I used 8 colours – this is not preset, and you can use any colour combo of your choosing – I have a sheet available to print to help with colour adjustments.

The 7th and 8th colors (G1 & G2) are alternated between squares and never used in one square together.

Note: It is NOT necessary to use 8 colours for each square – it is recommended to use at least 4 – with the 4th being G. This is ONLY a suggestion, you can use any colour combination and any amount of colours.


2023 Crochet A Block | Joanita Theron Designs @joanitatherondesigns #crochetsquare #freecrochetalong #crochetblanket #crochetthrow #jtdcrochetablock2023

Yarn Substitute:
Using the same type of yarn throughout the project is recommended. The pattern suggests Cotton DK yarn, but you are not limited to this type of yarn. Any yarn can be used if you take into consideration your sizing for the project will differ.

Tension | Gauge

Gauge is NOT necessary for this project to be perfect.
However COUNTING your stitches will ensure a true success of this project!
Blocking your squares are recommended (not necessary) for the consistency in size for the squares.


Square size – 9 inches / 23 cm

Final Blanket Size without border –
Approx. Length and width = 45 inch / 115 cm
With border to be determined.

Remember – if you use/choose a different yarn weight/hook size your blanket will be a different size!

Helpful Tips | Hints

  • With a project of this size, it is recommended to weave in ends as you go.
  • It is important to count the stitches to ensure success. The last round of each square is for joining and the correct stitch count will contribute to a successful project.
  • If you have trouble with tension, please remember to check any notes given with each square. Tips are given.
  • Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the process.

‘Never Give Up, Great Things Take Time. Be Patient.’ – Anonymous.

How To Block A Crochet SquareClick Here.

Pattern Support

For questions regarding this pattern or any of my patterns you are welcome to join the Joanita Theron Designs Facebook Group or/and Joanita Theron Designs Ravelry Group.

Videos will be made for certain sections only to help with the construction of some of the squares.
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For questions relating to permission or usage email joanita@creativecrochetworkshop.com

Abbreviations:  US Terminology

CH – chain
SL ST – slip stitch
SC – single crochet (UK – DC)
HDC – half double crochet (UK – HTR)
DC – double crochet (UK – TR)
TR – treble crochet (UK – DTR)
BLP – back loop
RS – Right side
WS – Wrong side

What you will crochet:

  • 25 x  9 inch / 23 cm Unique Squares (each square will be different in design);
  • Joining the squares;
  • Border.

Release Date:

Crochet Along Starts on 27 January 2023 – there after a square will be released once a week on a Friday.

Square #1 – Persephone Afghan Square

Square #2 – Calliope Afghan Square

Square #3 – Phoebe Afghan Square

Square #4 – Hera Afghan Square

Square #5 – Anthea Afghan Square

Square #6 – Nereus Afghan Square

Square #7 – Helios Afghan Square

Square #8 – Atlas Afghan Square

Square #9 – Morpheus Afghan Square

Square #10 – Aeolus Afghan Square

Square #11 – Thalia Afghan Square

Square #12 – Asteria Afghan Square

Square #13 – Maia Afghan Square

Square #14 – Aura Afghan Square

Square #15 – Irene Afghan Square

Square #16 – Charon Afghan Square

Square #17 – Pricus Afghan Square

Square #18 – Crios Afghan Square

Square #19 – Notus Afghan Square

The Layout – (In Progress)

This is just an idea of how the squares will be joined – this is completely optional and this is just to give an visual of what the squares look like together so far.

So after playing around with the squares – the best option for me is that they will be joined in the order of release.
Squares 1 – 5
Squares 6 – 10
Squares 11 – 15
Squares 16 – 20
Square 21 – 25

Joanita Theron Designs @joanitatherondesigns #crochetsquare #freecrochetalong #crochetblanket #crochetthrow #afghansquare