About Me


I first learned how to knit from my Grandmother, and I loved it for about 10 seconds. It wasn’t until I saw her crochet that I really fell in love. She had made this Granny Square blanket in hues of blues that found a special place on the backseat of their car. It was my favorite place to be!

It has taken me quite a few years to turn my passion for this craft into something that I wanted (or willing) to share.  I had this horrible habit of trying to crochet for everyone around me and it all ended up in terrible mess ups. I was never satisfied with the end result (although I have been told that is the curse of a Virgo (perfectionist flaw). It wasn’t until I realized that I really LOVE to crochet not for someone else or because someone asked me to, but just because I LOVE it.

Since the birth of my daughter she has been my greatest inspiration and my biggest FAN! Whether my designs are a success or not she will end up playing with them all! As a designer (and mommy) that is the most perfect compliment I can get!

My Design Philosophy:

I believe that anyone can learn a new craft. I try to design and make my projects so that even a novice can do them. Most of my designs are made with easy stitches and easy techniques. But I will be honest I love to learn and will experiment and when I am successful I will most likely incorporate what I have learned into a new project.

Something to remember:
No matter how hard you try, your crochet will never look like someone else’s….and I love that! You can crochet from the same pattern a thousand times, they will all be unique. It’s the human element that makes a crocheted gift special. That is why I crochet and design crochet patterns!

If at any stage you have a question, a query or problem with any one of my patterns my email door is always open! I might not always respond immediately but I will respond and help in any way I can.

Happy Crocheting
Joanita Theron