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Crochet A Block Afghan Series Guidelines

Here are some Crochet a Block Afghan Series Guidelines to help you
complete and enjoy these projects. They are of course completely optional!

Crochet A Block Afghan Series Guidelines | Creative Crochet Workshop

Guidelines For The Crochet A Block Afghan Series

The Ultimate what you really need to know!

  1. My yarn and Hook are ONLY a suggestion (I know that internationally my yarn is not always available and I know that there are many preferred brands) – choose a hook and yarn that you like to work with, that you are comfortable with.
    I mean this is a project that spans months – and at times if you are using a hook that is going to give you cramps – those months will quickly turn into years!
  2. Use the same type of yarn throughout – if you are going to use Light Weight then use it for ALL of yours squares (and for those that find blocking is a foreign or alien term – use the same brand).
    WHY? – Because for a block afghan the main goal is to get those blocks the same size.
    Believe me – if you are going to have blocks in different yarn weights – you might be inventing a new type of afghan and YOU WILL have a hard time joining them.
    And let’s be honest that will NOT be fun.
  3. And please for your OWN SANITY – use the same HOOK!
    And I don’t mean use just 4, 00 mm – I mean if you are using a CLOVER 4, 00 mm keep using that SAME hook throughout!
    The reason behind this madness – is that brands DO differ!
    Make a note with the brand and size and stick it on your forehead if you must!
    I am totally talking out of experience.
    And yes some will not agree – again these guidelines ARE optional =D
  4. Don’t like one of the squares? Great you don’t HAVE to like them all!
    Skip It!
    Replace It!
    Repeat a favorite!
    BUT if you do find you are kinda hating them all…..then this series is not for you.
  5. I try to make my squares balanced so that there are those that are super easy and those that do offer a bit of a challenge. If you find a square that is too challenging; don’t break your hook over it! Leave it! And when you do feel more confident, retry it!
    And if you still can’t ‘get’ it – IT IS OK! No one will judge you and throw you out of the crochet community =D
    Want to know a secret? I have almost 25/30 years of experience (okay maybe take away 10 years) – I learned how to do the MAGIC RING in 2015! Had NO IDEA what it was! I do now and I can’t live without it! =D
    Even as a designer – I do not know it all – I am learning WITH you!
    I challenge not only you but also myself!
  6. This guideline I do consider to carry some importance in the well being of any crocheters (but again this is a preferred option) – WEAVE IN YOUR ENDS AFTER EACH COMPLETED BLOCK. Just throwing it out there…….again this is optional.
  7. Even though this guide and the points mention above are all optional – I do however feel there is one guide/rule that is NOT optional – but in fact a necessity – and that is HAVE FUN! Enjoy the creative/learning process of making something with your own hands.
    This actually applies to ANY project you are doing – love what you do and those that will receive the end product will love it too!
    And if they don’t – poke them with your crochet hook!



Hope you enjoyed these Crochet a Block Afghan Series Guidelines.
Have Fun!