Lock Down Mood Blanket - Free Crochet Pattern | Creative Crochet Workshop @creativecrochetworkshop #freecrochetpattern #crochetbabyblanket #crochetalong #ccwlockdownmoodblanket

Lock Down Crochet Blanket – Free Crochet Pattern – This Lock Down Crochet Blanket is the completed version of the Lock Down Mood Crochet Along Blanket . A creative way to reflect our emotions in a very challenging time. A crochet community initiative to support and be creative.Read More →

Autumn Velvet Shawl Section 11 & Border - Free Crochet Along | Creative Crochet Workshop @creativecrochetworkshop #freecrochetpattern #crochetshawl #crochetwrap #crochetaccessory #crochetalong #ccwautumnvelvetshawl

Autumn Velvet Shawl Section Eleven & Border – Free Crochet Along – This Autumn Velvet Shawl Section Eleven & Border is part of The Autumn Velvet Crochet Shawl a richly textured and deep colored shawl that consists of strips made in various stitch patterns. A fun project to learn new stitches or just brush up your crochet skill.Read More →