Workshop Patterns Crochet Alongs

Workshop Patterns Crochet Alongs

Various workshop patterns crochet alongs that are available for free or can be purchased in pdf if available.

My Garden Bug Blanket | Creative Crochet Workshop Littlest Cookie Baking Set | Creative Crochet Workshop Christmas Skittle Ball Game Set | Creative Crochet Workshop

Little Sailor Set | Creative Crochet Workshop Flower Garden Tea Set | Creative Crochet Workshop Ester's Tote | Creative Crochet Workshop

Flower Fandango Flavor | Creative Crochet Workshop Psychedelic Love Heart | Creative Crochet Workshop Autumn Falls Wrap | Creative Crochet Workshop

Snuggled Hearts Baby Blanket | Creative Crochet Workshop @creativecrochetworkshop #crochetalong #grannysquare #afghansquare #crochetbabyblanket #ccwsnuggledheartsblanket #madewithheart

Fold Up Unicorn Crochet Play Sets | Free Crochet Along | Creative Crochet Workshop #crochet #crochetalong #crochetplay #crochetplayset #crochettoy #crochetunicorn

Lock Down Mood Blanket - Free Crochet Pattern | Creative Crochet Workshop @creativecrochetworkshop #freecrochetpattern #crochetbabyblanket #crochetalong #ccwlockdownmoodblanket

  • A whimsical garden bug blanket with flower border.
  • A fun little cookie baking set perfect for any little baker!
  • A fun Christmas game with six Christmas characters with play-mat and matching Carry All Stocking!
  • Set Sail with the ocean inspired baby blanket, rattle toy boat and little sailor’s hat!
  • A flower inspired tea set. Perfect for a garden tea party!
  • A beautiful crochet tote/bag with textured stitches, gorgeous granny squares and adorable matching owl key-chain.
  • A Versatile pattern that you can can either make an afghan or shawl!
  • Psychedelic Love Heart
  • A beautiful multi stitch pattern wrap that can be worked up in complimentary colors or would be a great stash buster and leftover yarn project!
  • Super cute fun play sets that folds up into a little bag with pockets for all the parts.
  • A beautiful pattern that can be made with left over yarn or color combo of your choice. Decorate your table or wear it!
  • Four centered squares with a gorgeous easy to repeat border rows to create a baby blanket.
  • 4 raised flower squares joined together with a lacy shell join and border to make a delicate wrap.
  • A square cushion featuring a centered layered flower complimented by textured rounds.
  • A super cute fun play set that folds up into a little bag/book with pockets for all the parts
  • A lovely textured baby blanket that consists of strips made in various stitch patterns.
  • This blanket is a creative way to reflect our emotions in a very challenging time.
  • A shawl that is a richly textured and deep colored shawl that consists of strips made in various stitch patterns.