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The Ladybug Square This Ladybug Square is Part One of my whimsical “My Garden Bug Blanket”. VIEW INTRODUCTION AND LINK PAGE HERE! SKILL LEVEL: Easy Basic stitches, simple shaping and finishing. Concentration required for neat finishing. SIZE: 30 cm x 30 cm MATERIALS: Yarns:Double knitting/light worsted yarn 50 grams of cream or white, dark pink, light blue Small amounts of dark green and pink Very small amount of black for embroidery My Yarn: This is only a suggestion and you can use any yarn and hook – you will just have ensure your blocks are the same size. Here is the details of my yarnRead More →

 I love to learn and experiment with stitches. This stitch seemed to be a challenge but once I started and reached the 8th row I knew it by heart! I loved how quickly the blanket worked up with a size 6 crochet hook. For a quick and beautiful gift this design is perfect and the color combinations are endless! Size: Approx 70cm x 80cm SKILL LEVEL: Easy Basic stitches, simple shaping and finishing. SIZE: 70cm in length and 80cm in width MATERIALS: Yarns: 50gr  of double knitting/light worsted yarn, in pink, dark pink (fuchsia), yellow , beige and white. Hooks & Notions: Size 6.00mm HookRead More →

 A lovely blanket to make for baby/ or as a lap blanket in soft pastel colors. Will look gorgeous in bold bright colors too! Can be made bigger into a afghan. Size: Approx 65 cm x 75 cm DOWNLOAD THE FREE PDF VERSION HERE!  Read More →

 This blanket was inspired by Sanrio’s Hello Kitty and was a request by one of my nieces. If I am totally honest I would never have attempted a Hello Kitty if it was not for my niece 😛 After a lot of research, attempted patterns I got from the web, chart reading, translating languages I did not even know existed, I managed to come up with a pattern of my own for the Hello Kitty face. It is with no doubt similar to what can be found elsewhere. However it’s been modified so that it is easy to understand for me, and quick and easyRead More →