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Marin Sky Crochet Square– Crochet A Block 2021 – This Marin sky Crochet Square is part of the Crochet A Block squares throw crochet along. Crochet 25 squares – each different and unique to make a beautiful throw. Marin: There are lots of debate on the meaning of this name, but most often taken to mean “of the sea”. Queue & Favorite On Ravelry For more information about this crochet along CLICK HERE! Join the Creative Crochet Workshop Facebook Group or/and Ravelry GroupShare your progress on Instagram Video Tutorials will be available on my You Tube Channel – Subscribe to my You Tube Channel! Marin Sky Crochet Square – Free CrochetRead More →

Cross Stitch Spring Scarf – Free Crochet Pattern This is a light breezy Cross Stitch Spring scarf I made particularly for people who live in a warm climate. I want to specially thank Joanita Theron, Owner/Designer of Creative Crochet Workshop who has offered to share this pattern with everyone on her website. Find Cross Stitch Spring Scarf On Ravelry! Share The Love And Please Favorite! Materials: I used Sateen yarn. I didn’t like it because the threads (6) kept coming apart making it difficult to crochet. I suggest the following: 100% Crochet Thread (your choice brand/color): # 10 thread; # 6 or 7 steel crochet hook #Read More →

Nedine’s Harlequin Blanket  A very special blanket made for my niece 🙂 She has finished school and is going to start studying this year. I wanted to give her something to show her how much we love and support her! Gorgeous Free Pattern from Berroco  Read More →

Jethro’s Dinosaur This cutie is made and inspired from the awesome Amamani Puzzle Dinosaur from Look At What I Made! It was a special Christmas gift I made for a boy called Jethro and it was so awesome when he opened his gift and he immediately fell in love with this little guy =D Thanks to Dedri for this Awesome Pattern! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATIONRead More →

Mini Oombawka (Mini Meow) This cute little fur ball was designed by Rhondda from Oombawka Design. This adorable crochet amigurumi cat was a 3 Part CAL, and when I saw the overload of cuteness I just knew I HAD to make one for my daughter 🙂 Thanks to Rhondda for this great CAL and Mini Meow! CLICK HERE TO MAKE YOUR OWN!!Read More →

 CLICK HERE FOR THE GALLERY AND LINK PAGE! PART TWO: Square Circles Times Nine SKILL LEVEL: Easy to Intermediate Basic stitches, simple shaping and finishing. SIZE: Circle Square: 11 cm x 11 cm MATERIALS: Yarns: Small amounts of double knitting/light worsted yarn in various colors or various colors in any yarn available IMPORTANT NOTE – USE THE SAME TYPE OF YARN THROUGH OUT THE PROJECT! Don’t stress – the size will just differ if different types are used 🙂 Hooks & Notions: Size 4,00 mm Yarn Needle GAUGE: Tension/Gauge is not necessary for this project to be perfect as long as all the blocks are approx.Read More →

Toothless – From How To Train Your Dragon My daughter loves Toothless, she only watches the movie because of him! It was never my intention to ever make Toothless, but when circumstance and keeping your daughter happy….I would make a million Toothless’s!!! There is a Catch A Prize machine at our local grocery shop, and a couple of weeks ago, they started stocking this machine with Toothless. Now of course we as loving parents did try to catch one…but no luck.  And every time we would go to the shop my daughter would stop at this machine and look at the Toothless’s. So once again,Read More →

This cushion was inspired by Color N Cream’s Flower Tutorial VI. It was supposed to be a blanket, but time and too many WIP’s I eventually decided a cushion it shall be 🙂  I made 16 flower squares ( 8 blue and 8 dark pink) using a 3,50 mm hook and light weight yarn I used the granny square method to make 2 big squares. Then I single crocheted the 2 squares together and voila 🙂 I inserted a washable cushion inner before closing the last side.Read More →

The Butterfly Square This Butterfly Square is Part One of my whimsical “My Garden Bug Blanket”.    VIEW INTRODUCTION AND LINK PAGE HERE! SKILL LEVEL: Easy Basic stitches, simple shaping and finishing. Concentration required for neat finishing. SIZE: 30 cm x 30 cm MATERIALS: Yarns: Double knitting/light worsted yarn 50 grams of pink, Small amounts of dark pink, light green, brown, cream or white, dark pink, soft purple and light blue Very small amount of black for embroidery My Yarn: This is only a suggestion and you can use any yarn and hook – you will just have ensure your blocks are the same size.Read More →

Something special for Mother’s Day 🙂 SKILL LEVEL: Easy Basic stitches, simple shaping and finishing. SIZE: To fit 8cm small pot: 25cm at largest width and 6cm in length Granny Square Coaster: 10cm x 10cm Small Granny Square Card Embellishment: 7cm x 7cm MATERIALS: Yarns: Double knitting/light worsted yarn Small amounts of double knitting/light worsted yarn in cream/white, yellow, pink and green Learn more about my yarn and how to substitute 🙂 Hooks & Notions: Size 3.50mm Hook Yarn Needle 3 x small buttons (approx 1 & 1/2cm) 12cm x 12cm small card/ or cardstock Approx 30cm Raffia or Ribbon Optional – Small plant orRead More →